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Web Design and Maintenace

  • Responsive Design – compatible on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone
  • Search Engine Optimized – get found by Google, Bing, and Yahoo
  • Budget friendly – best for small businesses and non-profit organization
  • Local to Bangor, Maine and Mount Desert Island

Website Rescue

Already have a website? Eden Computing will analyze and evaluate your site and recommend changes such as search engine optimization and whether a site is mobile friendly. Many times the logo, photography and art can be reapplied, saving costs and your hard earned branding.

WordPress vs. Custom Design?

The most inexpensive way to get a good website up and running is with a content management system such as WordPress. WordPress offers thousands of design templates that can be customized to match your brand. WordPress also offers  eCommerce add ons that are tested and secure, plus many other features desirable in any website including contact forms, newsletter sign-up, up-to-date blog-style information that can be easily maintained.

Custom build websites not using WordPress are possible but are more expensive.

Web Site Maintenance

After you get your site set up and start responding to your new customers, you may not have time to do the necessary steps for keeping your web site up to date with fresh content, or pricing updates.

WordPress web sites should have security updates applied as they come out and your site should be backed up before major updates are applied.



What will it cost?

Many web developers say call for an estimate. Here are my upfront prices for a WordPress site customized for your business and brand:

Web Consulting per hour$50
Domain name and web hosting setup$50
Basic Page, can includes featured image or contact form$50
Slider - rotating pictures up to five images$50
Parallax slider$50
Additional Contact form$50
Social media links$10
Map location$10
Link for Donation$25
Integration with on-line apps such as Home Away$25
Image prepping/cropping per picture$10
Google Plus Setup$100

Eden Computing will provide free maintenance updates for the first year. After that, maintenance updates can be provided for $50/year.

Content updates, such as a news blurb, newsletter, or coming event, or simple edits of pricing changes can be provided for $10/month, one per month. You must provide the content. One time edits are $50/hour.